Best Sh*t of 2021

My annual Drop of the best articles and other interesting things I’ve found on the internets in 2021. Mostly Developer focused.

Note: These are not necessarily things published in 2021, but the things I’ve discovered.

Best Articles

  • Programming is Hard - Great writing on the misconception that “anyone” can learn to code (much better said than my own writing on the matter). I continue to recommend everyone thinking about learning to code take stock of the rewards as well as the challenges it involves.
  • The XY Problem - We spend lots of time as developers asking for help. Learning the best way makes your life (and your team’s) so much better and brighter.
  • The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code - Simple 12 yes/no questions every new team/management should ask themselves when setting up a project. Also contains a few nuggets of interesting coding history.

Best Workflow Improvements

  • I learned VSCode, and started mapping out many of my own keyboard shortcuts. No articles about this (yet), sorry!

Best Online Course

  • Nothing turned up this year, so check out the best sh*t from earlier