Best Sh*t of 2020

My annual Drop of the best articles and other interesting things I’ve found on the internets in 2020. Mostly Developer focused.

Note: These are not necessarily things published in 2020, but the things I’ve discovered.

Best Articles

Best Sites

  • [] Julia Evans has the coolest style, combining comic book structures with highly insightful technical instruction (especially around linux). A dream resource for any visual learner.

Best Online Course

  • The Missing Semester of your CS Education - While geared towards undergrads who are about to go into the professional world, this course is an amazing survey of how we can best code professionally, and I recommend it to every one. Even if you’ve been in the field for a few years, chances are there’s at least one new thing you’ll learn from this course, probably more.

Best random highlight:

When you’re on a complex task, keep your brain at the top of its game: dump all important stuff on paper. Our brains’ working memory easily overflows with facts and ideas.