Best Sh*t of 2018

My two favorite articles read I came across in 2018.

Seven habits of highly effective text editing

We spend A very large amount of time as developers typing. Unlike traditional writing, we are also constantly jumping around in files and directories, adding removing and factoring. If your set up is not optimized to do this, you could be vastly under performing in your potential.

There are lots of great articles around text editors and text editing. This is one of the first ones I ever came across that got me thinking about the craft.

Hiring Religion

I care deeply about her industry and how we Treat others in it, from interview into working together. This software industry is about the people who make it, and the ability to work together is crucial to productivity. This article covers how best to build and retain that team from the point where it matters most.

Best Book: The Pragmatic Programmer

Well it never really gets very technical, is classic book is great for getting you thinking more about programming wholistically. I found this incredibly motivating as a young programmer.

Best Online Course Catalogue: Linux Academy (Now aCloudGuru)

During my tenure at New York Life Labs, linux academy was my secret weapon.